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A Local Eritrean family brings you authentic cuisine.
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Authentic East african cuisine

We strive to provide you, our customer, with the most authentic Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. 

We bring you cuisine direct from the horn of Africa to your table. Come and join us and you’ll experience the hospitality and warmth famous to the region.


Lunch and Dinner

1. Shiro (vegetarian)


Split peas with tomatoes, onion, and garlic served with injera.

2. Lega Tibbs


Spiced tender beef cubes sauteed with onions and exotic garlic served with injera.

3. Dry Tibbs


Cubes of lamb or beef sauteed with onions, pepper, and garlic served with injera.

4. Spaghetti


 A pasta served with tomato sauce and bread or injera.

5. Doro Wot


The famous chicken specialty of Eritrea and Ethiopia prepared with berbere, butter, onions, spices, and garlic. Served with a side salad, a hard-boiled egg, and fresh injera.

6. Alecha Wot


Beef cubes cooked in turmeric with butter, onions, and flavored with garlic sauces. Served with injera.

7. Vegetable Combo (Beye Ayenetu)


A combination of cooked vegetables on injera including, for example, potatoes, carrots, cabbage.

8. Kay Wot


Spicy hot lamb or beef stew cooked to perfection and served with a side salad and injera.

9. Shakila


A special order with meat well done prepared with onions and peppers and served with injera.

10. Rice​


Warm white rice served with vegetables or meat.

Extra Fresh Injera: $1.



1. Kicha Firfir


Homemade bread with cooked onions, butter, tomatoes, spices, green peppers, or the guest’s choice.

2. Eggs (vegetarian)


Scrambled eggs fried with bread and served with a creamy garlic sauce.

3. Foul (vegetarian) $9 or $10

Crushed peas served with spiced butter topped with chopped onions and tomatoes. If served with eggs, $10

4. Porridge (vegetarian)


Cooked flour with oil or butter with hot spices, butter, and salt.

5. Fata


Spicy tomato fried bread with salad and yogurt.

6. Panino


 Egg, bread, tomatoes, fried onions, oil and salt.

7. Injera Firfir​


 Small pieces of injera mixed with wot (stew)

8. Warm Milk


 Served with bread or i jera slice.

9. Coffee or Tea


Served with bread or injera slice.


Happy customers


Dejen Wedi alema
Really friendly and culture tolerant place. I love the food is delicious 😋 😊
Monique Mutombo


Mekonin Berhe


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